On Sharp & Flat:

Top ten albums of 2012 - Aoife Barry, The Ticket, The Irish Times
"A fresh and fascinating collection."

4 Stars ★★★★- Irish Independent
"Fuses jazz and modern classical music in a compelling fashion Jackson's subtly evocative compositions have an intrinsic beauty to them and his virtuosic playing will remind many of the acclaimed American jazz pianist Brad Mehldau."

4 Stars ★★★★- The Sweet Oblivion Blog
"a beautiful and energetic collection of piano-based songs... the whole album is altogether a joy to listen to."

"Thoughtful and meticulously crafted…delivered with impressive conviction."
Cormac Larkin -The Irish Times

"Reminds me of Bill Evans and Ravel, I mean that as a compliment." Bernard Clarke - RTÉ Lyric FM

On DruidMurphy:

“Epic theatre making..saturated with raw wit and honest feeling” - The New York Times

“world-class.” - The Irish Times   “attendance should be obligatory.” - The Daily Telegraph

5 Stars ★★★★★ -The Daily Telegraph     5 Stars ★★★★★ -The Financial Times     4 Stars ★★★★ -The Guardian

On DruidSynge:

"Sam Jackson's episodic music is gorgeous"
–Irish Examiner on DruidSynge.

“To put it simply: DruidSynge Garry Hynes’ production of all six of John Millington Synge’s plays together on the same day, is one of the greatest achievements in the history of Irish theatre.”
-The Irish Times

“Nothing short of glorious."
-The New York Times on Translations.

"Every aspect of this production is faultless…Sam Jackson's original score…"
- Irish Independent on Empress of India.

"Original music performed by Sam Jackson with a delicate touch and a
dower expression was a highlight."
- The Sunday Business Post on Twelfth Night

"The eerie dream-nightmare music composed and excellently performed
live by Sam Jackson perfectly caught the mood."
- Irish Theatre Magazine, on A Midsummer Nights Dream.

"The artistic ingredients that went into the collaborative event that was the Murder Ballads always meant it was going to be one of the most interesting shows at this years Kilkenny Arts Festival."
-The SundayTribune.